Vegan - Gluten Free - No Refined Sugar or Soy

Rawsome Fudge

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The Guilt-Free Fudge that You've Been Searching For!

Our Story:

Founder and CEO, Ritva A. Dale, discovered the power of food in changing one’s life during her training as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She became aware of the importance of blood sugar control in maintaining overall good health. After discovering the benefits that raw cacao and coconut have to offer, Ritva was inspired to create a sweet treat that would not only be free of refined sugar, but would also come with added benefits.


After trial and error, Ritva successfully created a raw molded chocolate using all organic ingredients. Rawsome Fudge was born and continues to satisfy sweet cravings one piece at a time!


Available in 2 oz containers and 1 oz pouches!

One of a Kind Raw Cacao!

The staple of Rawsome Fudge. A rich & smooth, raw cacao treat.

Mint Crunch
After Dinner Indulgence!

If you love mint chocolate, this is the fudge for you. Throw it in the freezer and it becomes the perfect “mint chocolate chip ice cream” that satisfies with only one small, crunchy bite.

Lemon Bliss
Mouthwatering Citrus!

Smooth texture with a cleansing lemon taste. You can’t help but relax and really savor each piece. The perfect amount of lemon flavor pop in every bite! 

Goji Berry Boost
Sweet & Tart!

Adds a sweet & tart taste to our original flavor as well as a surplus of antioxidants. You may even find whole pieces of this super-berry!

Spicy Ginger
Warming Jolt!

Each bite starts out with the raw chocolate taste that we know & love, followed by a surprise ginger flavor that tingles your taste buds. It'll leave you feeling warm and knowing that your digestive tract is happy as well.

Coconut Hemp Power
Earthy Protein Kick!

Real coconut flakes & hemp protein powder for an afternoon or workout energy boost. Just a small piece of this earthy power bite is needed to keep you going for the rest of the day. 

Fresh Orange
Smooth & Tangy!

Orange zest will make you feel like sunshine inside & out.

Coconut Heaven
A real coconut Treat!

Calling all coconut lovers! Close your eyes, take a bite & transport to paradise.  

sea buckthorn blast
tart beauty boosting miracle!

Perfect combination with raw cacao and tart super berry with Mango flair.
Rawsome Fudge Spicy Ginger Flavor

Spicy Ginger!

Deliciously warming with a Jolt!