Rawsome Fudge

The Guilt-Free Raw Chocolate Fudge!

Our Story:

Through founder and CEO Ritva A. Dale's training as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, she was taught how powerful food can be in changing one’s life. She also learned that a big part of overall health is blood sugar control and became interested in finding a healthy, low carb sweet without refined sugar. After discovering the benefits that raw cacao and coconut has to offer, Ritva was inspired to create a product that would not only satisfy her clients sweet cravings, but would also come with added health benefits. 

The plan was to create raw molded chocolate using all organic ingredients. After many attempts the perfectly tasting product was created. The end result was not just chocolate but an incredible and satisfying vegan chocolate fudge.

That was the birth of Rawsome Fudge.

Rawsome Fudge Spicy Ginger Flavor

Spicy Ginger!

Deliciously warming Fudge with a Jolt!